Homegrown and the Road

Hello everybody welcome to my corner of theSHIFT news. Check in here to find all things pertaining
to Benny Bass, theSHIFT and music in general. I try to put up pictures and stories from the road
for reading enjoyment.
Recently with theSHIFT we toured the entire United states two times. In our travels we
met many great people and spread the word about the band all over our great land. One
highlight of this trip to me was making the dreams video with director Stevie Pyne of the Semi
Precious weapons. He made our video for “Dreams”, all around L. A. I love the way it looks
like a surreal take on the California landscape. Take a look at this at the link below:
theSHIFT “Dreams
Another great thing about traveling the country is getting to see the progressive states
that are making great strides in legalizing Marijuana . We visited many Dispensaries in
Colorado where marijuana has been classified as legal recreationally (for adults). It was great
to see all the new industry opening and jobs becoming available. Another great thing about it
was knowing that tax revenue from the dispensaries is going to programs to pay for free pre
school and new school books for the Colorado School system. What could be better than that?
🙂 Another state that just went fully legal recreationally is Oregon.. First of all theSHIFT
loves Oregon; not only for its extreme natural beauty but also for the great people we know in
the state. We were blessed to have have many friends there who were kind enough to let us
stay with them / show us around the area.
My favorite Dispensary there was the Homegrown Apothecary center in Portland
Oregon. If your in Portland Oregon I would highly suggest you check them out.
It is time we end the prohibition of Marijuana in this entire country. The war on drugs is
a war on People started by the Reagan administration. Leading up to the beginning of this “war”
the C.I.A used its power to flood Urban L.A. with Cocaine and crack to further the plight of those
in poverty. If that sounds unbelievable then do some reading on it here:
After doing 140+ shows with theSHIFT , I also was fortunate to play a few shows with my
friend and musical collaborator, Hip Hop legend Big Daddy Kane. We performed in Harrisburg
PA for a community music festival. Check out this video of the encore when Kane brought a
little boy out on stage while he rapped to the 5000 person plus crowd.

In closing I’d like to say after visiting almost every state in our great country , Please vote
for Bernie Sanders.. He’s the only candidate out there who is not in the pocket of of the
corporate interests who are destroying this great country.