Heya Hey Hey Autumn Waves

Fall is bringing it’s coolness. After going hard all summer (and a june in florida / wtf) we’ll take it! Just wrapped up some early Sept touring including B.B.Kings in NYC, the first annual Eatonic Music Festival (Eaton OH), First Fridays in Indianapolis and a ripper at our homebase Rockwood Music Hall. Though we are constantly ringing in new music and lyrics we are still going ahead with the push for the world to hear all the songs on 7th Direction. Have you told yr friends and fam? So yea plans for the next music videos are underway plus we just released a live vid of Kobra from a NYC show in August. Dig it here

Check out the tour dates coming up in October – we’re psyched to return to the Hard Rock in Memphis plus play the Whiskey Jam in Nashville. Yee ha.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and remember, Star Children, music is a tool for transcendence.