Time takes it’s time when it’s all you know

We just finished our second cross country tour since Feb – and really have been going non stop since then, bringing theSHIFT music and live energy across the states. ( shout out to all our friends, family and new strangers who looked after us on all the touring we’ve been doing ). It’s about to be September and I’m writing from a 2 week break – kind of – still working through new music, booking new gigs etc etc – nonetheless a break from the road with time to reflect.

Music is more than composition presented on a stage – it’s about something farther reaching into the psyche. Sometimes there are days in a row that drag on, where life seems tired and you wonder what it’s all about – the effort, the driving, the striving. Then we hit the stage and it all makes sense – the purpose is infused into life again. There’s an energy that occurs, a shifting. A cosmic force that carries you from one point of being to another. It’s an experience that frees up my mind and judgements. This experience is for the “listener” as well. It’s a transcendence that is worth putting at the forefront of life.

So please stick around and travel with us via this site and all the other ones. We are continuing to bring the experience of theSHIFT out into the world because music is a spiritual thing, and that needs to be remembered. It aligns perception back to a state of non-thinking. We will continue to be a part of this activation through our high octane, cosmic awareness rock n’ roll // Keep shifting friends. See you there.